We offer a variety of print media. Choose one that works best for your needs. Specialty materials require a longer turnaround time than the standard materials and may not be available during peak times (April – June).

Regular Materials
    • Matte/Bond
      • Heavyweight matte finish
      • Bright base for maximum color gamut.
      • Fade resistant inks: 6 to 12 months under indoor lighting
      • Low cost
    • Semi Gloss
      • Premium, luster-finish paper
      • Brighter colors and deeper blacks than matte finish
      • Gives more ‘pop’ to photos than matte or travel fabric.
      • Long lasting inks: 1 to 2 years under indoor lighting
      • Durable with ordinary care
      • Most widely used for poster presentations
      • Moderate cost
    • Travel Fabric
      • Pack in your luggage, iron out wrinkles later
      • Bright colors (though details in dark areas not as clear)
      • Accepts heavy ink in most cases
      • Durable, will not tear
      • Fades in about 6 to 12 months
      • Cannot be grommeted
      • Widely used for poster presentations out of town
      • A little more expensive than semi-gloss


    Specialty Materials

    Most of these materials are best used for signage and banners—including outdoors.


    • Indoor or outdoor banners
    • Very high tear resistance
    • Non-glare matte finish
    • Very water resistant after 24 hour drying time


    • Indoor or outdoor banners
    • Smooth printing surface
    • Bright colors and deep blacks
    • Very durable and fade resistant
    • Water resistant

    Peel and Stick

    • Repositionable adhesive is safe for painted walls, glass, plastic, metal, and wood
    • Can be repositioned multiple times
    • Durable and fade resistant
    • Simple installation
    • Up to 40″ wide – call if wider is needed
    • Request Peel & Stick Post or Sign Installation